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I liken myself to both a lion and a lamb. Like a lion, I am brave, confident, enduring and protective.  Like a lamb, I am sensitive to injustice, thrive in peace and show vulnerability. I enjoy being a wife and mother, but most enjoy writing and escaping into the world of my books. When I was growing up I had a vibrant imagination and believed as a child that I would one day live in the backwoods of Vermont in a log cabin and write books. 


To the contrary, I am hundreds of miles away from Vermont and no log cabin, but my dreams did come true when I wrote and self-published "Drop The Hustle." Writing relieves me from the realities of life and allows my imagination to be freed. Some of my characters are a part of me and others are people who I imagined. I believe that I am very fortunate to have self-published and rewarded with the rights to my intellectual property. I have the freedom to do what I want with my literary art.  I am passionate about encouraging other writers about owning their literary art and rolling up their sleeves to invest in themselves. Self-publishing is a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but the knowledge gained is completely worth it. It was a long and tedious process because I had to learn how to publish and write my book simultaneously.


There were some self-help books that I used along the way, but what was most helpful to me was other self-publishers showing me how to do it and guiding me through it. I want to do the same for other writers with my business. I want to educate and assist writers on a large scale to accomplish their dreams of being a self-published author. I want to help writers that may be considering handing over their manuscript to a publishing company to understand the importance of not doing so.  I want to educate writers about the benefit of self-publishing which is having full rights and privileges for their work. Before I leave this earth, I hope that I will write many books that will be passed down through the ages, help and encourage others to write books, love, be loved and please God. ~Tiffany Majors

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